About Us

We are big believers in cryptocurrency and its potential, yet we are also aware of its dark side—one that hides in the cracks between this amazing technology and its users. We believe that an additional technological leap can close this gap and remove the weak spots that still prevent mass adoption.
Kirobo develops an operating system for custodian services that completely removes the operational complexity and security concerns that characterize those services today. With support from the Israel Innovation Authority, we have created a layer of services that sit on top of each individual blockchain and remove the need for middleware. This gives our customers full control over the assets they manage and an unprecedented opportunity for scale.
We are looking for passionate partners in this new frontier—early adopters who want to stay ahead of the curve and be part of this evolution.

Our executive team

Founders/ Directors

Asaf Naim, CEO

Expert in international taxation with extensive financial experience

Former CEO of technology companies in Israel and the United States

10 years of entrepreneurship
and management experience

MBT (summa cum laude)
CPA, BA Accounting/Economics

Tal Asa, CTO

Software development leader
with 16+ уеаrѕ оf hands-on еxреrіеnсе building first-class
innovative products

Former CTO of MIDIMood, a
professional music software company

Former VP R&D of one of the
first embedded Androidbased
Internet TV set-top boxes on the market

Blockchain Expert, BSc

Yonatan Kagansky, CMO

Marketing professional with 15 years of experience

International expert in strategic storytelling (lecturer, and startup mentor in Google entrepreneurial programs)

Expert in consumer
psychology, branding, and advertising

BA Psychology, Communication and Journalism

Nati Mark Schlesinger, CRO

Crypto OTC and blockchain expert

Former algo-trading hedging consultancy founder

Google Launchpad mentor

CEO at Clickspree, a platform that predicts behavioral and psychological factors using AI

MBA in Financial Engineering & Banking, Hebrew University