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Claim independence from centralized 3rd party security layers such as MPC, and scale your services. Effortlessly.

Meet Kirobo at DAS: London

Mon, Feb 10, 2020 Want to learn more about Kirobo non-custodian operating system for custodian services? Want to schedule a personal demo of our Retrievable Transfer service? Want to hang

Announcing new branding and website

After an in-depth strategic process led by Yonatan Kagansky and NewSpark.pro team, we are happy to introduce you to our new branding and website. In the core of our positioning

Retrievable Transfer is available on test net

Kirobo is proud to announce that our Bitcoin Retrievable Transfer is available on Bitcoin Testnet. Retrievable Transfer protects users from sending their cryptocurrency to the wrong hands, whether by mistake

Introducing our Inheritance Planning solution

No seed phrase–no inheritance With a traditional financial structure, the assets of the deceased are distributed according to the guidelines laid out in their will. If someone dies without creating

Custodian services are too complex and extremely limited

Custodian operations are similar to banking prior to the digital era: Teams of people are employed to provide simple operations like moving a small sum from one person to another. They use physical (hardware) wallets and secret words written on pieces of paper (seed phrases)… This complexity prevents custodians from scaling efficiently and providing their services to a much larger market segment.

An operating system that allows full automation of your services

Kirobo allows you to run a full custodian operation without operational complexity and without security concerns.

Dramatically increase your customer base

Improve service to large clients

A single custodian client manager can provide all the services that previously demanded teamwork.

Start working with medium and small clients

Enjoy a new stream of smaller clients by allowing them to use a self-service platform.

We put an end to the dependency on middleware
Software that acts as a bridge between an operating system or database and applications
and middlemen

Innovative intermediate security solutions such as MPC, as impressive as they sound, still suffer from many weaknesses:
  • Funds could be blocked due to court ruling or whim
  • Banking regulations on every action are on their way (FATF Recommendations)
  • Exposure to denial-of-service attack
  • No service when servers are down
  • Vulnerability to rogue middlemen employee

The user is the only one with access to funds – no backup
Seed phrase backup
and no multisig needed

Kirobo’s proprietary “Isolated Custody” solution prevents anyone beside the owner — including ourselves — from accessing the funds-management platform.

This layer can be deployed and controlled only by the user themselves via an open-source Asset Control Unit.

KIROBO - because the only thing you can truly trust is blockchain

There is only one technology that is truly safe and protected: the blockchain itself.

For the past two years we’ve been developing an operational layer on top of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, basically turning those blockchains into the gatekeepers and managers of your funds.

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