Retrievable Transfer​

The third step of verification

Available for Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency transfer is a risky and stressful task…

People are prone to make mistakes – but such mistakes cannot be tolerated in cryptocurrency transfers where a single misplaced digit of the transfer value, or wrong address can wipe out large amounts of money permanently.

Addresses can also be deliberately altered by third-party attackers, compromising the security of the funds.

Kirobo prevents this unnecessary risk

Kirobo adds a new layer of protection to currency transfers. This layer protects users from all of the above-mentioned scenarios, and works on two levels:

A transaction code that must be entered by the recipient in order to receive the transfer

Funds retrieval capability that allows the sender to retrieve the funds at any time, as long as the right code hasn’t been provided by the recipient

The solution can be easily integrated
into existing currency transfer processes

Cryptocurrency transfers work like on other platforms, but the sender is required to add a transaction code.

The transferred amount is deducted from the sender’s balance and appears on the blockchain network.

The code is then transferred to the recipient via phone, text message, or other method.

The recipient MUST enter the code to receive the transfer.

If the recipient provides the right code, the transfer is finalized.

Until the right code is provided, the sender can cancel and retrieve the transaction.

Why you can trust our platform

Kirobo does not hold the user’s private key and has no access to the funds or their destination at any point in time.
Funds can be retrieved even if Kirobo servers are down.
Our platform has been successfully audited by external authorities including the Israel Innovation Authority, and we are open to being audited by other parties.

Retrievable Transfer is ideal for

Custodians who aim to reduce risk and stress from their work

Exchanges who want to gain a competitive advantage and give their customers higher value and peace of mind

Wallets who want to gain a competitive advantage and give their customers higher value and peace of mind

Simple to deploy

With its API and its flexible architecture, Retrievable Transfer easily adapts to any unique needs and requests
Our team does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and promises a swift deployment
We are dedicated to providing banking-grade tools and services that will fit with the day-to-day work of your team

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